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RT5000 and 5013, One of the best and most used tractors ever made by Honda

Shown above.
This is the location of the Fuel control and Combination relay on the 5000 and 5013

Shown above.
This is the dash component that must be removed to access these modules.

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The CDI unit is the most common failure on these tractors resulting in no spark. It is located on top of the engine under the air filter.

CDI and module repair $80 each.

To diagnose the CDI, unplug the black wire with the red trace. If you don't have spark, the CDI has most likely failed.


Wire repair ends $8.55
set as shown.


Plug repair parts with terminals and water proof plugs. Plug housing for repair of damaged socket on CDI.

Type of crimpers you will need to crimp terminals, size marked 1.5

New combination relay for RT5000 and 5013 fits all serial numbers. Exact replacement.

Combination relay $220.00

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